Welcome to our Decorative Pieces collection, where beauty and style come together to enhance your living space. Discover a curated selection of exquisite items that will add charm and elegance to any room. From the sleek and polished brass candle snuffer to the stunning Blaze ceramic vase in a nude/tan hue, each piece in this collection is designed to captivate your senses. The Passage Bookends create a sense of sophistication, while the Turnble ceramic vase in moss brings a touch of nature indoors. Not only are these decorative pieces visually appealing, but they also serve a practical purpose. Our silver candle snuffer ensures a smoke-free extinguishing experience, while the concrete Dala Horse in black adds a unique twist to your decor. For those looking for functionality with a twist, the Cloud Oval Plate in chalk (small) is perfect for serving appetizers or displaying trinkets, and the Terrazzo Round Tray in seashell brings a touch of coastal charm. Indulge in the beauty of our Decorative Pieces collection and transform your home into a haven of style and sophistication. Explore our range today and let your creativity flourish with these exquisite additions to your space.