Collection: New Arrivals

Welcome to our new arrivals collection! Here you'll find a carefully curated selection of the latest must-have items that are sure to elevate your home and style. From sleek and modern kitchenware like the Stanley Rogers Stainless Steel Salad Server Set and Cutlery Set to the rustic charm of the Inga Oak Arc Mirror and Lisbon Wood Side Table, this collection offers something for every taste. Looking to add a touch of elegance to your space? Our Kaya Resin Table Lamp and Exotique Ceramic Jars in vibrant green are the perfect choice. For a fun and playful touch, check out the Lotti Set of 2 Tulip Glasses in striking pink and green. And if you're looking to bring a touch of the wild into your home, our Leo Leopard Set of 2 Bookends in gold is a standout piece. Don't miss out on the Mara Marble Salt & Pepper Mill in stunning white, a functional yet stylish addition to any kitchen. Explore our new arrivals collection and discover the latest trends and timeless pieces that will make your home truly special. Happy shopping!