Collection: Barkly Basics

Introducing Barkly Basics, where innovation meets design for your everyday cleaning essentials. Created by Dr. Natasha, a scientist with a passion for creativity, our collection is a breath of fresh air in the world of household products. Say goodbye to ordinary sponges and hello to our Microfibre Tea Towel, designed for maximum absorbency and quick drying. Want a luxurious hand wash experience? Our Hand Wash leaves your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. Tackle tough grease and grime with our Dish Wash, and discover the magic of the Swedish Dish Cloth. We've thought of every kitchen need, from our Dish Stick for spotless dishwashing to our White Sponge for effortless cleaning. With our Bottle and Glass Scrubber and Scourer Sponge, no mess stands a chance. And for a sustainable choice, try our Kitchen Paper Towel made from eco-friendly materials. Explore the Barkly Basics collection and bring innovation and style to your cleaning routine.