Collection: Lighting

Welcome to our captivating Lighting collection! Illuminate your space with our stunning selection of lamps that blend style and functionality seamlessly. From the elegant JEMMA TERRAZZO/METAL LAMP in Gold to the contemporary Zulu Ceramic Lamp in Black/Natural, our collection offers a range of designs to suit every taste. Experience the charm of our Easton Canopy Floor Lamp, featuring a Matt Ivory finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Or opt for the Orelia Metal Lamp in Brushed Gold, exuding a luxurious vibe that is sure to impress. Discover the Estelle Metal Lamp in Gold/Peach, radiating a warm glow and infusing your space with cozy ambience. Our Domo Terazzo/Metal Table Lamp combines style and functionality, while the Easton Dome Table Lamp in Matt Ivory/Antique Brass exudes vintage elegance. For a modern and chic look, the Kaya Resin Table Lamp in Black/Natural is perfect, while the Capel Wood Floor Lamp in Natural adds a touch of rustic charm. Complete your collection with the Letitia Raffia Table Lamp in Natural, providing a unique and textured element. Explore our Lighting collection now and brighten up your space with these exquisite pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression.