Collection: POTS + PLANTS

Welcome to "POTS + PLANTS" - the perfect collection for plant lovers and home decorators alike! Explore our handpicked selection of stunning pots and beautiful plants that will instantly elevate your space. Indulge in the elegance of our Queen Anne's Lace in cream, a delicate addition to any corner. Looking for a modern touch? Our Enola Long Planter With Legs in white combines sleek design with functionality that will keep your plants thriving. Add a touch of industrial charm with our Metal Pots, effortlessly blending with any decor style. For those seeking a rustic vibe, the Maarit Metal Hanging Planter in rust is an absolute must-have. Enhance your greenery with the Hosta In Pot, showcasing striking variegated leaves that will captivate your guests. Looking for a clean and minimalistic look? The Handle Pot in white, with its small yet stylish design, is perfect for you. For a touch of earthy warmth, the Brooklyn Abstract Planter in terracotta evokes a timeless beauty. Or, opt for the Naomi Ring Planter with Saucer in a rich berry hue, adding a pop of color to your plant display. Don't forget about our hanging options! The Friday Hanging Planter in white offers a chic and space-saving solution. Lastly, indulge in simplicity with the Campbell Planter in white and sand, crafted to seamlessly blend in. With "POTS + PLANTS", it's never been easier to create an indoor oasis that reflects your unique style. Hurry and explore our collection today to bring nature's beauty indoors!