Collection: ART + MIRRORS

Welcome to our Art + Mirrors collection, where artistry meets reflection. This carefully curated collection showcases a stunning array of prints and mirrors that will transform any space into a captivating oasis. Immerse yourself in the world of astrology with our Zodiac prints, capturing the essence of each sign in intricate detail. Let your walls speak the language of creativity with Jai Vasicek's limited edition framed prints, where beauty intertwines with imagination. Add depth and sophistication to your decor with our charcoal-inspired Soar prints, exuding elegance and grace. Complete your collection with our Jai Vasicek Mini Tiles, featuring intricate designs that effortlessly blend art and charm. But it doesn't end there! Our Gatsby Mirror Oval in gold metal adds a touch of opulence, while our sleek Lashes Black Frame commands attention with its bold presence. Discover the transformative power of art and mirrors in our Art + Mirrors collection. With every piece carefully crafted to inspire and captivate, this collection promises to elevate your space and indulge your senses. Explore and transform today!