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Oban Metal Floor Mirror - Black

Oban Metal Floor Mirror - Black

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Introducing the Oban Metal Floor Mirror in sleek black. Standing at an impressive 59.5 x 152cm, this mirror is a stunning addition to any space, adding elegance and depth to your interior.

Featuring a stylish black metal frame, this floor mirror is designed to effortlessly enhance the aesthetic of your home. Its timeless and versatile design allows it to seamlessly blend with any decor style, from contemporary to traditional.

  • Reflect in style: This floor mirror not only provides a full-length reflection but also acts as a statement piece that elevates the overall appeal of your room. Capture a glimpse of your outfit from head to toe and make sure you look your best before stepping out.
  • Spacious and functional: With its generous size, this mirror creates the illusion of a bigger space, making it perfect for smaller rooms or areas where you want to enhance the natural light. It's an ideal choice for bedrooms, dressing rooms, or even entryways.

But it's not just about style and function. We also care about your satisfaction. That's why we offer competitive shipping rates on all our products. If you have any questions about shipping or want a quote before placing your order, simply email us at We'll be more than happy to assist you!

Add a touch of sophistication and open up the possibilities of your home with the Oban Metal Floor Mirror in black. Elevate your space with this timeless piece that combines style, functionality, and affordability. Get yours today and create a space that reflects your unique personality.

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