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Behati Rattan Planters - Small Natural (local pick up only)

Behati Rattan Planters - Small Natural (local pick up only)

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Upgrade your indoor or outdoor space with the charming Behati Rattan Planters. These small, natural planters are perfect for adding a touch of nature to your home or garden.

Handcrafted from durable rattan, these planters are not only visually appealing but also built to last. The natural material adds warmth and texture to any setting, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With their compact size, they fit perfectly on any windowsill, shelf, or table, adding a refreshing touch of greenery wherever you place them.

Designed with both style and functionality in mind, these planters feature a removable plastic liner. This liner makes it easy to pot your favorite plants and flowers without worrying about water leakage or spills. Simply place your plants inside, add soil, and enjoy the beautiful display.

The Behati Rattan Planters are locally sourced and available for pick-up only. This ensures that each planter is carefully inspected for quality and craftsmanship before it reaches your hands.

Add a touch of nature to your home or garden with the Behati Rattan Planters. Order now and create a serene and inviting space that you will love coming back to.

  • Handcrafted from durable rattan for long-lasting use
  • Removable plastic liner for easy potting and mess-free maintenance

Note: As these planters are bulky items, they are available for pick-up only. Shipping is not available for this product. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our friendly team at

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